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Custom-made interiors that meet your needs and give your rooms an unmistakable charm.

Well thought-out functional concepts and breathtaking materials, combined with the talent of passionate carpenters, ensure custom-made products that will delight you and your visitors.

It is our concern to leave traces in the memory of your guests with our carpenter creations and to impress them with the beauty of your interiors and exteriors.

As true specialists, our carpenters will adapt your creations exactly to your individual wishes. This is because we see it as our duty to create timeless works of art for you that you can’ t hardly get enough of.

When designing your doors, windows, awnings, blinds, parquet floors, stairs, ceilings, insulation, facades, glass elements, floors, walls and ceilings, we are proud to enjoy your trust and reward you for it!

Our carpentry services

Doors and Windows

Our doors and windows are carefully designed, environmentally friendly and meet the highest quality standards possible today. From product design to the smallest detail, we ensure complete and reliable realisation. Our doors and windows are equipped with the best thermal and sound insulation values and security mechanisms as desired. Contact the carpentry Bonenberger and let us know your requirements for the manufacture, renovation or repair of your doors and windows.

Awnings and Blinds

Our long experience in the production of awnings and blinds has strengthened our position as the market leader in Luxembourg. Our creations have always proven quality, creativity and a high level of aesthetics. Our awnings are suitable for modern and contemporary facades as well as classic and traditional facades. With our efficient production facilities and an efficient and pragmatic work organisation, we ensure the production and delivery of your blinds and awnings in no time.


Serge Bonenberger offers you a large selection of high-quality parquet floors. You can choose from a variety of different types of wood in different colours and sizes and with endless finishing possibilities. You also have the choice of retaining the rustic look of the floor or giving it a modern look thanks to our expertise in glazing. The wood we use for your parquet floors is durable, resistant to scratches and very easy to maintain. This makes it a perfect floor for all rooms.


We also have excellent know-how in the field of staircase construction, so that we can offer you staircases in various forms: Spiral staircases, winding staircases, straight and multi-run staircases, pyramid staircases and other types of staircases. The quality and robustness of each individual step make our stairs a long-term and worthwhile investment for young and old. To maintain health, they are designed to reduce the risk of falls, especially for children and the elderly. So if you are considering building indoor or outdoor staircases, take advantage of our expertise. At the Bonenberger carpentry, you can be sure that you are getting a staircase that meets the highest quality criteria.


Would you like to redesign your wardrobe, create a new table for your living room or have an individual cloakroom designed? Contact our constructors and designers for the production of individual furniture. With many years of experience and a very distinctive artistic streak, our specialists are committed to offering you the best that you can find on the furniture market. Each of our pieces of furniture is the result of an idea or a need that we want to fulfil. We are also happy to make furniture for your kitchen or bathroom.

We have been creating your universe since 1927

Would you like more information about our carpentry services?


In order to build you exactly the cabinet you want, we listen to you carefully. This gives us all the information we need to make you suggestions that are specifically tailored to your needs. Of course, we take into account the number of storage spaces as well as the type of cabinet and door. You can then choose exactly the model you like best from a range of different suggestions. Our designers will then offer you further options for refining the surfaces and openings. This will give you a cabinet that not only meets all the practical requirements, but also reflects your personal style.

Ceilings and Insulation

Would you like to install a new ceiling or renovate your old ceiling? Then contact the carpentry Bonenberger. We are experts for all types of ceilings: sloped ceilings for the attic, light, classic, stretched, suspended and other types of ceilings. Also available with integrated lighting on request. As far as insulation is concerned, wooden ceilings in particular are very sensitive to moisture, especially if there is insufficient waterproofing. We therefore offer you tailor-made solutions for the insulation of your ceilings. For example, with the help of wood fibres, glass wool, cork, hemp or other insulating materials.

Interior design

We can also support you in matters of interior design and optimise your room layout in such a way that it offers enough space for all your needs. Often, more comfort can be achieved simply by moving the furniture. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove or replace individual partition walls. But don’t worry, we’ll find the best individual solution together with you in order to optimally redesign your residential or business rooms for your benefit. In addition to the furnishings, we also consider the decoration and lighting.


Our range of wood claddings for your facades is very wide. Our customers can choose between different types of wood, shapes, finishes and textures. Our solid wood or wood-based panels are as resistant to thermal and acoustic insulation as they are durable and efficient. We offer you personal support and inform you about the progress achieved at every stage of the work. At the end of our work, we personally advise you on the recommended maintenance intervals in order to maintain the new appearance of your wooden façade for as long as possible.

Glass elements

Glass is a material that reflects transparency, clarity and elegance. It should only be made by experts with trained hands who master it with great skill to achieve the full beauty and purity that is possible in the creation of glass constructions. At the Bonenberger carpentry we produce various glass elements such as window panes, wall coverings, glass partitions, shower walls, wind screens, panoramic windows and many more. Contact us for more information about our glazing offers.

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